I have long been an interior decorating and design enthusiast. In my spare time I pour over decorating magazines, blogs, and follow closely anything Sarah Richardson creates. Wandering through fabric stores and creating fabric schemes is my idea of a great afternoon.  I always dreamed of buying a house, gutting it and turning it into something that was a perfect reflection of my husband and I.

That chance came in 2010 when my husband’s career relocated us to Hamilton. We bought a tudor style home, circa 1930’s, that hadn’t been touched by a renovators anything. We closed on the house, had our first baby, moved to a new city, began a complete gut job of a renovation and my husband began his career in academia; all within one month of each other. It was a busy month, with many busy ones to follow. I designed the house and to save money did all the painting myself (all three floors), including every inch of trim (which was the worst).

I continued to work on our house whenever I had spare time, it was a labour of love. I’m a DIYer when possible. I sewed the curtains, reupholstered furniture, sewed all our throw pillows (over 50), upholstered benches and headboards, made bedskirts and art for the walls.

In 2014 we completed the final phase of the renovation, lowering and finishing our basement. Again, I did all the painting, decorating and sewing whenever my children (now 2 beautiful, rambunctious boys) were asleep. Now we have four floors of house beautiful. See the results in my Portfolio. I love our home. It makes me happy every day. It is my third child.

 I believe you should love your home, it should inspire you, make you happy and be a true reflection of who you are and the life you live. I have designed and decorated for people in  Toronto, Ottawa and Hamilton. I want to help you make your home the best it can be.


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