J & R’s Entry

I love the texture that grasscloth provides, however, it can be a bit pricey. Small spaces provide the perfect opportunity to indulge, particularly in an entryway as it sets the tone for the rest of your home. A beautifully patterned rug, stunning lantern and a few carefully chosen accessories are all this itty bitty space needs to create the perfect first impression.


H & C’s Family and Craft Room

H & C's Family and Craft Room

Light, bright, functional and practical was what my client wanted for their basement family room. Equally important was a dedicated space for their little girls to do crafts. I included a neutral base with a few bright colours to make the occupants forget they were subterranean. For the craft area I included, easy to access storage to keep the craft supplies in order, a flexible desk lamp and some whimsical wall decals.