Metal Mix Up

IMG_0837Every decade or two the design winds change. Gold and brass will be all the rage and then the pendulum will swing to the cooler metals of silver and chrome, and back and forth it goes. As my husband says, “They’ve run out of ideas”. He might be right (usually is). Regardless, now the warm metals are back. Open any interior design magazine and you will find beautiful spaces decked out in gold and brass finishes.

May 2015 036Want to jump on the warm metals band wagon but have a house full of chrome and silver pieces? Mixing your metals is a great way to incorporate this new trend without getting rid of your cool metal items. Bonus – brass is often plentiful at vintage stores. I scooped up the  brass tray (right) at Value Village for $12.

A general rule when mixing metals, colours or woods:  repeat each finish about 3 times and it will look intentional rather than haphazard.

Each of the below photos mixes both warm and cool metals with beautiful results.

2011-1215%20SARAH%2030596[1]     hero-bathroom[1]1cae4155a2662fb950d80a1cb788e379[1]

Happy Mixing!


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