DIY Tufted Headboard

I love the look of an upholstered headboard but didn’t want to pay hundreds (or more) for one. It’s fairly straight forward to make one yourself, plus you can make it the exact size you want with the fabric of your choice.img_2714

Materials Needed:

  • peg board cut to your required size – mine was 41″W x 24″H (most lumber stores will do this for you)
  • foam cut to same size as peg board (I used 2″ thick foam- if you go much thicker you may have a hard time getting the needle through to sew on the buttons)
  • batting cut large enough to wrap over the foam and staple to the back side of the peg board
  • fabric about the same size as the batting
  • staple gun + upholstery staples
  • Buttons to cover kit
  • yarn – for securing the buttons


  1. Decide on the number of buttons you want, I chose 3 buttons for a single headboard measuring 41″W and 24″H. You need to have intersecting seams wherever there is a button. For 3 buttons I divided the width of my peg board by 4 (41″/4=10.25″) that is the distance between each vertical seam.IMG_3817
  2. To sew seams, find the middle of your fabric (height wise) press and sew (on the wrong side of the fabric) a seam down the middle. This is your horizontal seam.IMG_0472Fold the fabric in half (length wise) sew and press your first vertical seam. Measure out from the centre seam the distance you calculated between each seam (mine was 10.25″) .  Sew and press your other vertical seams.  IMG_0491
  3. Measure and mark where the seams should line up on your peg board and foam. Place fabric (right side down) and laying flat as possible. Being careful to center everything on the fabric – layer the batting, foam and peg board on top so all of the markings you made on the foam and peg board line up with your seams.IMG_0494IMG_0493
  4. Start stapling your middle seams on each side. Pull taught and staple making sure the seams are lined up with your markings.IMG_0492IMG_0495
  5. Continue stapling along each side, leaving some loose at each corner.IMG_0497
  6. I trimmed rectangles out of the batting at each corner so there wasn’t any overlapping when I wrapped it around the  foam and peg board. Fold the foam and fabric around the corners as neat as possible and staple.IMG_0498IMG_0501
  7.  Use a button covering kit to cover your buttons.1893-photo-1011IMG_0505
  8. Use the yarn and a thick needle to secure the covered buttons at each intersecting seam. Use a flat button on the back side to secure the covered button in place. This helps to pull it tight. Repeat with the rest of the covered buttons being careful to pull each button to the same tightness.IMG_0507IMG_0506
  9. I attached the headboard to a pair of 1′ x 3′ pieces of lumber to act as legs. I screwed the headboard right to the bed base. You’re done!Processed with Snapseed.












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