My Holiday Style



For me, Holiday decor is all about sparkle. I like a little glitz, but it needs to tie into my everyday decor. Blue and green, white and cream, silver and gold are the colours that work with my living room. This feather boa is a fun, unexpected addition to my mantle that adds softness and movement.image

Dewc 2014 072

Kid Proof 

Since I have two little boys tearing through my house and there is a high probability that an ornament will go flying across the room at any moment, my tree is bedecked in shatterproof ornaments. Manufacturers have caught on to this need and there is now a fantastic selection of beautiful shatterproof ornaments on the market. I keep the breakable ones out of reach of little hands in a bowl on the kitchen counter.

Fake and Fabulous

While I love the idea of having a real tree; this tall, slim number fits perfectly in the tiny space we can allot for it. We would be hard pressed to find a real one this compact. Sure, a fake one doesn’t have the aroma a real one does but it also doesn’t come with the constant shed of needles. And lets face it, pulling it out of the garage is much easier than hauling the kids to a tree farm and transporting it back. Frankly, it could be just the thing to push me over the edge. You need to know your limits and this is mine. For me, simplicity = sanity during the Holidays.


Shop now for next Christmas

While you may be shopped out at this point, the next few weeks is the best time to stock up on holiday decorations for next year. I never pay more than 50% of the sticker price for holiday decorations because I always do my shopping either right before or post Christmas. So if you’re looking to upgrade or change your holiday style for next year, now is the time to plan and shop for it.

Want to see what I did outside? Head to

I wish you health and happiness this holiday season!

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