Pillow Talk


Every room I decorate starts with a jumping off point. This is almost always a fabric. Recently, a client approached me for help with her master bedroom. She wanted to update the look of the room without changing any furniture. New bedding and a new paint colour was all that was needed. I showed her 5 different fabric schemes from which she chose this gorgeous, vibrant blue floral – A beautiful jumping off point.March 2015 027From this floral I was able to build the fabric story by adding a stripe and a solid. When you have a fabric with numerous colours in it (this one has 7) you have a built in colour scheme. You can pull out any of the colours from the fabric and use it in the form of other fabrics, accessories or paint and it will all work together beautifully in the space. If you match a paint chip to a colour in your fabric you may need to move to one of the lighter shades on the paint chip depending on the colour’s brightness or boldness. When recommending a paint colour to my client, I chose one that was similar to the grey blues in the fabric as oppose to the more vibrant blues, which could end up looking WAY to bright when applied to all four walls.

March 2015 029

Here are the finished pillows I sewed. Add white bedding and a fresh coat of paint and my client has a fresh new look for her master bedroom with minimal cost and effort.

March 2015 046



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