Winter Urns

The cold weather is here to stay and with every change of season comes a change to my urn arrangement. You can buy one at your local garden or grocery store, but I prefer to make them. It will usually cost a fraction of the price and it won’t look the same as everyone else’s.012 Winter urns are especially easy to DIY since you can find most of the material in the woods with some added faux material that you will be able to reuse for years to come.

Here are my tips:

  • whenever you are creating a planter or decorating an urn remember it should:
    • Thrill (have some height)
    • Fill (the arrangement should be full) and
    • Spill (over the sides) and you’ll have a winner
  • Remember to step back and look at your urns while you’re making the arrangement to make sure it’s turning out the way you want it to


  • I use leaves in my urn to help all the branches stay put once I start sticking them in


  • Add the evergreen boughs next (these thrill, fill and spill)
    • A walk in the woods or your own yard with some clippers can yield the base of your arrangement. Otherwise, you can purchase evergreen boughs at your local garden store
    • I like to use a variety of greenery so there is variation in colour, texture and form
  • Add some contrasting material such as :
    • faux flowers (I’ve had these for years and use them in my early spring, fall and winter urns)
    • Off white faux berries (I’ve also had these for years and use them in my fall and winter urns)
    • Pine cones
    • Branches (natural or spray painted to add colour)
    • tulle fabric


There you have it, these were super easy to create and it cost me nothing. When December 1st rolls around I add a little sparkle to make the arrangement a bit more festive. Wrapping a feather boa around a grapevine wreath for our front entrance adds softness and movement while still jiving with the colours of our urns-front door

 front door

Some faux berries add colour to my evergreen boughs in front of our garage. And these red and white beauties will last for years. Now all we need is some snow!


christmas urn - garage



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